🎁 Exciting Gift Ideas for Men

Hey there awesome ladies, another opportunity to give men a gift is right around the corner. Perhaps you’ve been giving wack gifts to your special man all this time? Well, it’s time for a change. There’s this misconception that only women love and appreciate gifts, this is simply not true. Most men would also appreciate the thoughtfulness and care that goes into picking them a gift. Men love to be pampered and shown a good time too, you know.

Gift idea for men

The following ideas work not just for Valentine’s day but for birthdays, christmas and any other special occasion.

1. A Spa Treat

For one of our wedding anniversaries, I booked a weekend hotel trip which included a spa session. Before we left for the spa, my husband was protesting and complaining that he wasn’t a lady that needed to be fluffed, primped and polished, he probably felt the whole thing was too feminine for his taste. But I wore down his defences and off to the spa session we went. It was a beautiful session that included a body scrub, manicure/pedicure, an hour of full body Swedish massage that included several minutes of an energising head, face and foot Reflexology. About 20 minutes into the massage session, I heard a snore from my husband’s direction. You know those snores that indicate when you’re changing gears in your sleep. Hehehe, the man had fallen into blissful sleep.

Spa session

He had a great time! So much so, he purchased a session for 2 of our cousins and he got other sessions for us subsequently. Stuff like this isn’t what most men think they need but once they get it, they’ll love it

Dealdey used to be my go-to for spa deals in Nigeria but it looks like they have some difficulty at the moment. Wherever you are, you can just run a Google search for “Spa deals near me”.

I haven’t had a good spa session since I had a baby though. Perhaps I’d get surprised with one soon? Fingers crossed.

2. Wristwatch

Yeah, I know this is the age of telling time with our mobile phones and other digital options but the effect of a solid timepiece cannot be overstated. Wearing a wristwatch goes beyond the functional reason of knowing what the time is, it is also a solid way of accessorizing, especially for men. So if you get your man a good quality wristwatch that will last for years to come, he’ll appreciate it.

3. Gift Hamper

You can create a basket of goodies that will thrill your man. You know him best and you can personalize these men gift items in a way that will sweep him off his feet. Items that go into the basket can include alcoholic drinks like Hennessy, Baileys etc, there’s a whole range of alcoholic beverage out there. So, spirits, cake, decadent chocolate, beer, shaving sticks, shampoo, deodorant, shoe polish, socks, flash drive, boxers, handkerchiefs and so many little things that you know will delight him.

4. Jewelry

Well, yes. Us women aren’t the only ones who like to bling, a good number of men also love the gift of jewellery. If your beau is the kind of man who loves jewellery then lucky you. You can get him stuff like bracelets, rings, a necklace. A special touch would be to customise the gift. There’s this lady I follow on IG who makes these personalized bracelets that look so good. There are also sellers on Etsy and various jewellery stores


5. Electronic Gadgets

Men and gadgets are like 5&6, inseparable. Depending on his needs, you can get stuff like a video game console (X-box, PlayStation etc). If he already has a console, you can get a game accessory you know he’s been eyeing. Like pads, headphones, discs and the rest. Phones, tablets, laptops, if he loves to read, you can get him an e-book reader. This kind of gift for men will definitely hit the spot.

6. An Outing

A weekend getaway, a night out on the town, a day trip. Just go out there and have fun with your man, you can include stops to eat, karaoke, a nice bar with a live band, a night club to go dancing, let loose and have the time of your life. All on your bill, of course, it is your gift after all. Men also love to be given the gift of a good time.

7. Wallet

A man’s wallet is one of the items that show his taste and the kind of person he is. Picture a man who wants to make a payment or give someone his complimentary card. It won’t speak well of him if he brings out his wallet and it’s tattered, weather-beaten and he has to hunt before finding anything.

Get him something nice and functional to hold his cash, debit or credit cards, complimentary cards and of course, a cute photograph of you.

8. Sports Club Jersey and Other Accessories

Most men have a great love for their football, soccer, hockey etc team and a customised jersey is a must-have. When men receive stuff like this as a gift, they will definitely be excited. You can get a jersey of his favourite team, customised with his name and favourite number. There are also items with his favourite club logo e.g calendars, key holders, mugs, laptop or phone cases and much more.


9. A picture collection

If you man is a visual kinda guy, then make an album of his favourite pictures and present him with it. This can be in either soft or hard copy since it’s an album of his favourite pictures, you can be in some of them but try not to make it only about you, let him feature heavily in the album. This is a gift idea for men that is sure to delight those that love pictures.

10. Shoes and Socks

Few things in this world scream class like a good shoe, and for men, this is an important part of their presentation that cannot be dismissed. A man is known by his shoes and you can usually tell the kind of person he is by his footwear and how much care he shows them. You can help your man always put his best foot forward by buying him a pair of shoes, sandals and also throw in a set of good quality socks, at least 7 pairs of socks that will last a whole week.

Gift idea for men

11. Accessories

I have mentioned a few accessories previously but you can go all out and create a whole set of accessories for men. This will include items like ties, tie clips, wallet, wristwatch, belt, sunglasses, cufflinks, pen, ring, baseball hats etc.

A well-selected collection of accessories for a man will put his outfit together. It is not enough to just wear a shirt and trousers. Those little extras like the belt, cufflinks, tie are the things that will make his dressing standout and show his taste. Accessories will define his style.

12. You

Of course, you aren’t left out entirely. You are a gift that keeps on giving to your man and hopefully, you have a good man who gives as well and helps you be the best version of your self.

As a gift to your man, you can try to improve on those areas of yourself he has spoken to you about. Perhaps he has mentioned your communication style, the way you spend money etc. Whatever it is, if he has shown dissatisfaction in any area that you can correct then give it some thought and see if you can make improvements. Reasonable improvements. And of course, only when his expectations are reasonable and he speaks to you with love and respect. I’m not asking anyone to drive themselves crazy over a man who won’t do the same or take their wife’s feelings and well-being into consideration. This is a discussion for another day.

There you have it! Getting a gift for men does not have to be limited to the usual singlet, pants and boxers that are commonplace, you can go further and apply yourself to gifting your man something you know he will like. Whatever option you choose to give him, make it personal, let it be stuff you know he needs and will appreciate.

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