Menstrual Cups? 10 Reasons to switch ASAP!

I have spent over 2 decades of my life having menstrual periods every month and only just discovered the beauty of this soft, silicone, delightful, man-made material known as menstrual cups. I feel regret. Regret for those many years spent wearing uncomfortable pads, checking and rechecking myself when out, not being able to have a … Read more

🎁 Exciting Gift Ideas for Men

Hey there awesome ladies, another opportunity to give men a gift is right around the corner. Perhaps you’ve been giving wack gifts to your special man all this time? Well, it’s time for a change. There’s this misconception that only women love and appreciate gifts, this is simply not true. Most men would also appreciate … Read more

This Too Shall Pass – Encouraging New Moms

When I had my baby back in 2017 and became a new mom, it felt like an out of body experience. Till today, I try to bring up the memories of the first few days in the hospital but most of it is blurry. One memory that sticks though is my blood draw/IV line (drip) … Read more

First Time Mom Questions – Top 10

As a first time mom, you have questions. Heaps, tons, barrels of questions and we will tackle some of them here. Pregnancy has come and gone. The highs, lows, discomfort, pain, swollen feet, great hair, pregnancy glow and all those hormones. Oh, the hormones. Now you have this great gift home with you, you’ve read … Read more

Helicopter Parenting – How to Not be Guilty

In the course of one of my countless lost on the Internet sessions, I came across the term “Helicopter Parenting”. I never considered myself a worrier until I had my son. In fact, I used to think of myself as someone who never got bothered by things, happy go lucky, let’s see how it all … Read more